Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014


Well, the old domain of this blog is now my new blog. You can find it here!
Let's see what's happening there. But I did switch to german and change topics a little bit.

For queens and kings

When I was home in the last holidays, my father did show me some his paintings he made recently. Then we started to spontaneously tranform the kitchen in an art room and started to paint. Some time before I saw the graffity picture on the way to work and thought this would be nice to use as an idea. Well, in thoughts about this work the sentence "You're precious." came to my mind. And the crown as a symbol should be for everyone, not only for princess-like girls or powerful kings.

Some weeks later we went to a theatre play with one of my workprojects. The kids loved the play and so did I. It was the story of
"Where the wild things are". As the wild things make the boy to their king, they give him a crown. So afterwards we were making these crowns out of toilet rolls.

Banana Mango Kiwi Smoothie

The pictures speak for themselves I guess.

DIY: Decoration flags

YOU NEED: some wooden toothpicks, coloured paper, scissors, glue and some stamps. And something to pin it on!
YOU DO: Cut the paper so you can fold it, put glue on the inner side and on the toothpick, fold it and put it on the pick. Paint, write or stamp something on it.

On my muffins there was a hidden message, one side were the symbols and on the other side were letters. :)

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

DIY: Pencil Holder

Another easy decorative idea.  I like do it yourself stuff which is done in some minutes and right after the idea came into my mind. And I like practical stuff.

The only things you need are an empty, cleaned jam jar which is big enough for pens and pencils, a decorative paper and a old present bow. Oh and a scissor to cut it in the right size. No glue, no expensive stuff, just the things you can find. Et voilá!

Like so many cranes...